About New Zealand

New Zealand Information

Auckland is also known as one the top five cities worldwide for quality of living, according to (Mercer’s 2008 Quality of Living survey) and it is considered much cheaper than many other countries like Sydney or London.

General Profile(New Zealand)

Area 103,736 sq mi = 269,000 sq km
Population Feb 2014 4,509,700
Capital City Wellington


Our coldest month is July, and our warmest is in January; our seasons opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere. Average temperatures are around 15C (60F) in the upper North Island, and around 10C (50F) near the bottom of the South Island. The climate is fairly mild, without the extremes experienced in many other countries.

In fact, New Zealand doesn’t tend to have temperatures over 35C (100F) or under -10C (14F). It tends to snow only in the mountains in the North Island, and mainly in the Southern Alps in the South Island, although it has been known to snow on some of the cities on the East Coast of the South Island from time to time.


Decimal system based on New Zealand dollar, with cent denominations.

Coins 10 cent 20 cent 50 cent 1 dollar 2 dollar
Notes 5 dollar 10 dollar 20 dollar 50 dollar 100 dollar

Travel Details


Not required of US citizens in possession of a return or onward ticket
staying up to 90 days.
Passports must be valid 3 months beyond date of departure


Must provide the Health Medical Certificate required by the NZ Immigration.


Languages English & Maori
Ethnic Groups European
Pacific Islander
88 %
9 %
2 %
1 %
Religions Christian
Unaffil. & Other
81 %
19 %


Cost of Living NZ

New Zealand is a popular destination for international students. It has an excellent education system and internationally

Costs by commodities

A cup of coffee $ 3.50 – 4.00
Hamburger $ 3.50 – 5.00
Bread $ 2.50 per loaf
Milk $ 2.00 per litre
Banana $ 2.30 per Kg
Instant Noodles $ 0.80 per packet
Main meal at restaurant $ 10.00 – 25.00
Takeaway pie $ 2.50 – 3.00
Supermarket per week
(If not living in homestay)
$ 100.00


Jeans $ 20 – 200 per item
Sport shoes $ 50 per item
Shirts $ 25 + per item
sweatshirts $ 25 + per item
Warm padded jackets $ 100 + per item

It is generally expected that International Students allow approximately NZ$ 15,000 to NZ$ 19,000 per year available for living and accommodation costs, above the cost of your tuition.


Single bus fare per trip (inner city ride) $ 0.50 – 9.70
Monthly bus pass
(travel within Auckland and suburbs)
$ 110.00 – 170.00
Sport shoes $ 50 per item
Health Insurance $ 450 per year
Cell phone charges $ 10.00 – 20.00
Medical appointments $ 20.00 – 65.00
Hair cut $ 25.00 – 35.00

There may be other costs that you wish to budget for, for example, vacation expenses, travelling, social activities etc.