For Students

For Students

After completing a PBRS Diploma or National Certificate, you are ideally placed to begin to take advantage of the many hospitality opportunities and jobs in this sector.

The knowledge that you gain from your course, including the pathway planning and career development that you are encouraged to undertake, will allow you to apply for a number of diverse roles such as; food and beverage attendant, bartender, front of house hotel worker, receptionist, café worker, barista or waiter.   Subsequently you will be able to move to a more senior position.

Due to recent changes in legislation and requirements of industry your qualification is important in obtaining even the most entry level role.  Subjects such as food safety, hygiene, coffee training and Licence Controllers Qualification (LCQ) will put you ahead of the game when it comes to applying for jobs both during and after your course.

Standards in hospitality have increased as New Zealand becomes the focus of more and more major world events, and it is increasingly evident that a PBRS qualification will help you climb the ladder faster.

New Zealand has a diverse range of hospitality businesses – you might want to work in a hotel, night club, fine dining restaurant, café, brasserie or bistro.  The standards required for each job differ, but PBRS strives to ensure that you have a full range of skills and knowledge to be a success whatever your chosen career path.

Many of our students have gone on to become senior workers in a short space of time – many of these stories are a combination of your qualification and your own hard work. Your tutors are available to assist you with your career pathway, and PBRS operates a dedicated person who will help you gain work experience if you are finding difficulty.