Employment support service


Who we are?

Employment and Internship Services assists both Current students and graduates on a day to day basis into sustainable long term employment. We are passionate about establishing a well-respected reputation with students, trainers and with business partners.


Our Mission

Enrich, Empower and Engage.
To prepare TCEG students through practical and theoretical skill development, so that they are work ready, within their chosen pathway. We endeavour to develop the right mind set and passion that empowers students to confidently engage with a career that enriches the industry.


Our Goals

  • Provide the relevant tools to enable our students to enter the employment market successfully
  • Be inspirational and supportive in career guidance for all students.
  • To be an effective and proactive employment advisory advocate for both our students and industry partners.
  • To build significant partnerships amongst professional industry businesses that facilitates student development and infuses the sector with work ready staff