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PBRS Presents its Students’ Achievements!


Dear PBRS’s Friends,

Amidst this Global Pandemic, PBRS is reminicising its achievements over the past year and has been feeling proud of its Student Stories!  PBRS would love to share this with all our  Well Wishers!

PBRS’s Recent Achievements & Events !

PBRS winning Regional Competition in 2019!

Being New Zealand reigning champions in Hospitality and Culinary awards following our wins in 2014, 2016,2017, 2018. PBRS took over the regional competition in 2019 ! Couldn’t be less proud of our Student Achievements. PBRS looking forward to be reigning Champions in 2020!

PBRS Cultural events!

An eventful day which started by the traditional Diwali Diya lighting then proceeded to a Multi Cultural Walk by 5 different cultures which was then followed by different cultures performances hosted by dignitaries and media and our well wishers from the student recruitment agency.

100 Reasons to Study at PBRS! 

In 2019, we started spreading our success stories and achievements to all PBRS’s well wishers through 100 Reasons Why to Study at PBRS! Do let us know if you haven’t been receiving them, we can add you’ll on the list.

Wine & Cheese Tasting!

An event organised by our students as a part of their curriculum! Brilliant job done by our students as they gave everyone a New Zealand Tour on Wine & Cheese tasting!

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Auckland Regional Championships 2019

13 Gold 7 Silver 6 Bronze!

The Professional Business & Restaurant School (PBRS) which is part of Cornell Education Group participated in the Auckland Regional Hospitality Championships 2019 on 24th June. PBRS entered 26 students in 13 different categories this year with outstanding successIt is with great pride that we report our students’ excellent results:

This gratifying result is a reflection of all the extra hours of work and passion that our Cookery and Hospitality tutors put in to ensure that our students received excellent training, that is up to date and relevant to the cookery / hospitality industry in New Zealand.

Cookery student ZHENG Zhihua (International Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision (Advanced)( Level 5) won Gold for Live Salmon, Live Dessert, and Bronze for Live Knife Skills. “After one month hard training, I finally got two gold and one bronze. Thanks to all chefs and Program Manager’s contribution and full support from my school. This competition has been great in improving my skills and learning new and different cooking techniques. I am looking forward to getting better performance and better results at the national competition as well”.

KHADKA,Bhushan (Hospitality Level 5)said “I couldn’t have done it without My tutor Mr. Mohit, the value of training was impeccable and I want to thank Shyam and Shanti from Rohini International who inspired me to study at PBRS. I am looking forward to the National Championships to bring pride to my country, Nepal and my family. “

“On the day of the competition, through the ups and downs of the practising period, there was a very rewarding result for all the competitors for the regional competition which made me happy as we were all fighting to get through this together as friends and as a school” said Mi So Kim from International Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision.



Mr. Parks White, Principal said “It is with great pleasure that I announce the success of PBRS Cookery and Hospitality students who competed in the NZ Regional Hospitality Championships this week. I want to thank Michael Corbett, Programme Manager Cookery & Hospitality and all Hospitality and Cookery staff for the long hours and expertise and dedication in training our PBRS students to a high standard yet again!

 “Congratulations and best wishes for the National Hospitality Championships in August!”