About Us


Employment Focus Limited trading as the Professional Business and Restaurant School (PBRS) was established in 2000 and operates a specialist management and hospitality training institute. PBRS aims to provide high quality courses that are relevant to the needs of the hospitality industry and to the students. It is located in central Auckland with excellent access to hospitality outlets. Many of the other hospitality training institutions are located out of the city centre. PBRS is proud of its excellent reputation in the industry and the high esteem in which its graduates are held.

PBRS acknowledges that it has an important role to play in ensuring that progress is made in the areas identified as Government priorities. It takes cognizance of the positive outlook for the hospitality industry and adopts a holistic approach to catering for the needs of its students.

PBRS has a strong record of success in providing excellent outcomes for its students. All our facilities are modern with spacious classrooms and computer laboratories and five professional commercial training kitchens and a training restaurant. PBRS is a long-standing and reputable private training establishment (PTE) specialising in the provision of tertiary education and training for the hospitality industry. With campuses in Central Auckland, its goal is to provide high quality, relevant training and education supported by appropriate work experience to ensure that graduates have excellent career opportunities and/or a solid basis for further education in the field of hospitality.

PBRS will be the most distinguished educational institution with a local and international reputation for excellence.

To provide quality and relevant education and professional training delivered by skilled and qualified teachers to meet industry, student and community needs.


  1. Adopt a distinctive educational emphasis
  2. Provide a holistic learning, teaching and student experience that is unique
  3. Deepen engagement with alumni, industry and other stakeholders
  4. Strengthen PBRS’s capability

Our Strategic Business Plan with our Renewed focus towards Building for Education Success can be viewed in detail through this link: Strategic Business Plan

PBRS’s core ethical values are:

  • Respect/Aroha: We treat everyone with respect, empathy, hospitality and generosity, showing connection
  • Excellence: We strive to be extremely good or outstanding in all we do
  • Equity: We are fair and impartial with everyone
  • Integrity: We behave with honesty, showing strong moral principles
  • Ako: The effective partnership we aim to create through a two-way teaching and learning relationship

EER review

NZQA assesses the standard of education for tertiary education organisations through a regular system of external evaluation and review (EER). Through periodic EER, tertiary education organisations are held accountable to their students, employers, funders, quality assurance bodies and other interested parties.

Professional Business and Restaurant School (PBRS) http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/providers/details.do?providerId=745571001

PBRS’s most recent EER was in 2022, where we retained our Category two status. The NZQA EER team was Confident in the educational performance and Confident in the capability in self- assessment of Employment Focus Limited ( T/A : PBRS: The Professional Business and Restaurant School )

Education Code of Practice 2021

The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 (the Code) supports the wellbeing of tertiary and international learners enrolled with New Zealand education providers.

For the wellbeing and safety of their learners, education providers including PBRS must follow guidelines set out in the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2021. These guidelines are meant to assist signatories and potential signatories in establishing practices that comply with legislative expectations and requirements.

In the Code, signatories are required to provide their international students with a range of outcomes, as well as key processes for supporting international students’ achievement, well-being, and rights.

A Copy of the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 can be downloaded from this Link.

How does the Code relate to you as a learner ?

To ensure that international students are well informed, safe and properly cared for when they come to study in New Zealand, PBRS (pastoral care) follows the code of practice, and through a dedicated support line, students have the right to be treated fairly at all ages and levels of education.

PBRS Self-Review Report

Please find the link to access PBRS self-review report can be accessed from here.

In our role as a tertiary provider, we ensure that our learners are aware of the Code, so that they will be protected and their wellbeing will be protected. For more information on how you can get to know the Code, please click here.


Auckland CBD

Our Campus.

This is within walking distance of Auckland’s central train and bus stations, close to a variety of shops, restaurants and cafes as well as being located beside the highest structure in the Southern hemisphere, the iconic Sky Tower.
The Auckland campus has a purpose built training bar, equipped with industry recognised equipment and staffed by both New Zealand and international hospitality professionals. Our cookery qualifications are delivered in purpose built facilities located on campus.

As a specialist training institute we know the importance of studying in an environment that is completely orientated towards your industry of choice. PBRS combines highly qualified industry professional staff, purpose-built training facilities and a curriculum designed to meet the needs of employers. PBRS graduates are working world wide in bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes and on cruise ships: choose a career that’s going places and the institute that will take you there!