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Auckland Regional Championships 2018

12 Class Winners, 13 Golds, 23 Silvers, 5 Bronzes

The Cornell Education Group participated in the recent Auckland Regional Championships 2018. The Cornell Education Group entered 40 students in 13different categories this year with outstanding success.

It is with pride that we report our students’ excellent results:

Category Class Winner Gold Silver Bronze
Fruit Flan Static 1 1 3
Individual Cold Dessert – Static 1 1 3
Cold Entrée – Static 1 3 1
Live knife Skills 1 2
Live Dessert 1 2 1
Live Pasta & Mushrooms 1 2 3
Live Salmon 1 1 1
Live Soup 1 1 2
Live Venison 1 2 2
Live Café Breakfast 1 2 1
Barista 1 2
Classic Cocktail 3
Classic Table Setting 1 2 1
Total 12 13 23 5

This outstanding result is a reflection of all the extra hours of work and passion that our tutors put in to ensure that our students received excellent training,  that is up to date and relevant to the cookery / hospitality industry in New Zealand.

Cornell cookery student, Fangwei (International Diploma in Food Preparation and Cookery Supervision (Advanced) (Level 5) won Gold for Live Salmon and was the overall class winner.

“This competition has been great in improving my skills and learning new different cooking techniques from my tutors and this is why I believe I was successful winning a gold medal and class winner. The training has helped me develop as a chef and gain the confidence to experiment with my culinary knowledge. The training was a great challenge, and I am looking forward to getting the best result at the national salon as well” said Fangwei.  Sajith Sam (International Diploma in Food Preparation and cookery supervision  (advanced) (level 5) won the highest marks with silver medal and class winner in the category – Fruit Flan. “Chef Anthony D’Cunha has taken a lot of effort to mould and guide me to the peak level. I am very glad and thank him and the other tutors in Cornell who inspired me to achieve my dreams.”

PBRS Hospitality student Sojeong Hwang said, “I practiced lots of times and this training gave me confidence. Joining the competition was a good experience,  I would like to try other challenges and I am sure I will get a good result again”

“Our staff and students are motivated by this result and inspired to compete in the next round of the competition.” said Cornell Education Group’s Cookery and Hospitality Programme Manager Michael Corbett.

“Bring on the National Salons! Well done to all the students and the team at Cornell and PBRS who helped the students get where they are today”